Custom Hologram Labels, Affordably Priced.

Product Authentication, Security, Protection, Packaging & More.

& Authentication

Add a layer of protection that counterfeiters will find difficult to duplicate.

& Security

Prevent unauthorized access to sensitive packages, documents and compartments.

& Verification

Control unauthorized access to restricted areas by identifying legitimate personnel.

& Packaging

Build consumer confidence and style through secure, eye-popping holographic design.

Get Your Custom Holographic Labels, Starting at US$1250.

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Holographic Label Materials

We have a variety of holographic materials and colors to choose from.  This ensures that our clients get the most durable, secure and stylish labels to meet their requirements. Our label materials and colors can be used for both custom and stock label designs.

Choosing the right label material and color is the first step to starting your label project.

Have a look at our Materials section for more information.

In-Design Security Techniques

In-design techniques offer a wide variety of advanced overt, covert and forensic security features. These techniques originate from the hologram design itself and are part of the design when viewing a hologram. These features are included as part of the mock-up design process.

We typically include the best suited in-design security features in the design mock-ups we create for our clients based on their requirements, however we encourage our clients to provide us with their suggestions as well.

Have a look at our In-Design Techniques section for more information.

On-Label Security Features

On-label security features are techniques used to add additional security and features to labels. These security features are done post-production and fall outside the scope of the typical in-design security techniques, which originate as part of the label design itself.

On-label security features can be applied to holographic materials and polyester based materials.

Have a look at our On-Label Security Features section for more information.

Value-Added Features

Value-added features are a set of features that can be incorporated into your hologram label project. These features are added post-production and can add an extra level of security, protection, authentication and functionality to your labels.

Value-added features include barcoding, serialization, overprinting, laser-etching and more.

Have a look at our Value-Added Features section for more information.

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Step 1:
Make Contact With Us

Getting started is easy. Simply contact us with your custom holographic label requirements and send us your desired elements such as your logo and text. We'll generate a quote for you and create a custom image sample of your hologram label at no cost, with no obligation to buy.

Don't have artwork? No problem! We can help you with that too! We'll make sure that your label looks and works just as you need it too. We specialize in eye-popping designs that incorporate high security features including advanced in-design techniques and a host of holographic materials.

Approve Your Design and Quote

Step 2:
Design & Quote Approval

Our custom labels are priced well below other hologram manufacturers but what's even better is that our quality far exceeds that of our competitors as well. That's because we use cutting-edge techniques that allow us to produce higher quality holographic labels at a much lower cost. There's absolutely no compromise of quality for value.

Each design we create is custom suited to meet our client's specific needs and approval. Once the design and quote have been approved, we'll begin production immediately upon receiving the initial down payment for the cost of production.

Fast Delivery

Step 3:
Get Your Labels Fast

Labels are delivered to your business typically with in 3 to 4 weeks from the date of the initial down payment. Our turn-around time is twice as fast as most of our competitors due in large part to our stream-lined hologram production process. We ship directly from North America to North America and Internationally to the rest of the World.

In addition, we guarantee that our labels will meet or exceed your expectations, otherwise we'll run your labels again at no additional cost to you! To date, we still have a 100% customer satisfaction rating, which is something we take great pride in.

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