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Why has the Use of Holographic Labels Increased Over the Years?

To those of use in the industry or to any large consumer brand, the question posted in the title of this article seems rather obvious but as a courtesy to those who require more information we’ve decided to write an article on the subject.  So why have the use of hologram labels increased over the years?

Over the years holograms have replaced many technologies that have been used to depict and enhance certain security procedures. These holograms can be used as seals that are immensely difficult to imitate. To make sure certain products are original and not tampered with, these holographic labels and hologram stickers are used. Holographic labels are either two dimensional or three dimensional laser photographed stickers that allow record keeping of originality. With counterfeit products on the rise and threats of robbery and replacement of original products increased, these stickers are the best way to ensure the originality.

One can find holographic stickers on various products nowadays. You can find them on books published by Oxford publication, on batteries of cell phones produced by companies like Nokia and Samsung, on scratch cards, any electronic products, credit cards, legal documents, passports, medicines, driver’s license, documents provided by the government, lottery tickets, tobacco products, tickets of events, gift certificates and warranty seals, just to name a few.

Why such labels are so popularly used these days is due to a number of reasons. The very first being that these labels and stickers immensely hard to imitate. One cannot simply copy them by hand or by machinery. The production of these labels requires template designs and numerous processes carried out by expensive machinery that cannot be carried out by the layman. Furthermore, these labels are impossible to scan by a scanner due to the three dimensional element that reacts to light. This will make the image appear to be distorted and can be caught instantly. Furthermore you cannot get these labels copied by going to any photocopier. Furthermore these labels and stickers are known to make sure that the product received is original.

One cannot remove and put back these labels in one go. They are bound to tear or get ruined hence all the tricks that counterfeiters can adopt have been catered to. Another use of these stickers, apart from providing the highest degree of protection is the fact that they are a tool to enhance brand awareness and recognition. With unique and individual designs ever a layman can easily pick out a particular company’s product. Hence, these stickers can also be used as a marketing tool.

Whatever the reason for you to get such labels and stickers you need to make sure that you are choosing the best company that offers you the most unique products with the highest quality in an affordable price. Once you have chosen the company you think is best, all you need to do is get in contact with them. These companies will not only produce the stickers but provide customers with the best designs as well. Clients can then approve the designs such companies present and then approve the quotes. With technological advancements, one can easily receive these high security labels within a month’s time. These stickers are all ultraviolet reactive, pen and coin reactive and fluorescent so if one tries to tamper with these stickers, it could be clearly seen.

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