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The Importance of Tamper Evident Labels

Over the years the use of counterfeit products and fraudulent activities have greatly increased as companies and even individuals are trying to make sure that they are selling and purchasing original products and services. However, one might ask how it’s possible to ensure that what we purchase is an original product? There are countless counterfeit products in circulation and it is becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish original products from fake products.  Furthermore, counterfeit products are no longer sold in back alleys or flea markets but are instead finding their way online and on store shelves.   For this purpose, a universal and affordable method of verifying and indentifying original products is necessary.  Enter tamper evident labels.

 First, let’s talk about security labels.  What is security label? A security label is a term that can actually be used to represent a broad range of label products.  Security labels can be made from several materials and built with different technologies.  Of course the one thing they all have in common is that they all provide some level of security.

Security features can differ from label type to label type but for the most part label security typically includes some form of unique identifier and some form of tamper evidency.

Briefly, unique identifiers are typically design elements placed in the label or on the label.  These can be overt and covert elements.  In terms of holographic labels, there are many design features that can be utilized to create highly unique labels with several unique identifiers, which translates to highly secure labels.  But that not what I’m here to talk about.

Tamper evident label features are used to notify end-users, either covertly or overtly, that a label has been tampered with.  A common tamper feature is to leave a VOID or honeycomb pattern on the surface if a label is removed.  This prevents labels from being lifted and placed elsewhere or from being lifted and reset.

Apart from the benefits mentioned above, there are numerous other features as well. These features include invisible UV, pen and coin reactive material, thermo-reactive surface, scratch off hologram, destructible labels and so on.

If you wish to get yourself a hologram security label made, you can get in touch with one of the many companies that provide corporations with unique tamper stickers.  Holograms provide an additional layer of on and in label security that compliments tamper evident features very well.  The result is security stickers that are next to impossible to duplicate.

Large multi-national corporations such as Google, Nokia, Apple, Facebook, Lotus and Mercedes-Benz have taken on this technique to maximize their security. Thanks to the technological advancements, these holograms are available in various materials such as normal tamper material, full release material, tamper evident material, non-metallic tamper evident material, UV tamper evident material, transparent material, translucent material and destructible material.

For elevated security consider contacting Prism Hologram Labels for your tamper evident label needs. We can work with you to create a design you want, and we will provide you with your very own and unique security label within a month’s time. Not only do these labels provide you with the level of security you need, they also help promote your brand and are extremely stylish to look at.

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