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Hologram Art

A typical day for us usually involves talking with current and new clients and walking them through the plethora of options available to them for their security and authentication labeling needs.  We get many inquiries a week and have become quite efficient at recommending the best and most affordable course of action to our clients.  However, every once in a while we receive a call that completely catches us off guard due to the completely unique project requirements one of our clients hits us with.

Recently we received such a call.  The phone call started off normal enough.  Our prospective client and I walked through the typical ordering process and associated costs.  Then I ask my client what his specific usage was for the labels.  His answer, spoken very matter-of-fact tone, was Holographic Art.  Art?!  I’ve worked in the industry for a number of years and have on occasion heard of  some artistic projects involving holograms but have never been involved in such a project myself.  In addition, many holographic artists are actually experts in the medium and have their own means of creating their holographs.  So admittedly I was caught a little off guard but was eager to jump right in.

The project in a nutshell consists of making a large holographic board out of hundreds of hologram stickers.  There are to be two sets of stickers each requiring their own master shim.  The idea is to create a checkerboard pattern using the two unique labels designs.  The label designs will have elements that will create a contrast between the 2 labels when placed next to each other yet maintain a repeating tiled background through out.  In addition, certain labels will be overprinted to create a larger design once the labels are placed on the board in the proper order, much like a puzzle.

Although client confidentiality prohibits me from sharing the exact design details, I can say that this project is absolutely awesome!  Our graphic artists and the our client put their heads together to create an absolutely unique and awe-inspiring design that is sure to create a buzz once produced and seen.

The project itself isn’t overly large.  It consists of producing several hundred labels, which is very small by typical order standards.  That said the level of technical and artistic expertise needed to pull of this project is as high as we’ve ever needed to depend on.

Our client has definitely pushed his imagination to the limit and we have equaled that by push our production to the limit.  Once complete, we hope to share this project with you followers and through trade shows in the coming months.

Stay tuned for the big reveal.  We’re positive the reactions will be tremendous.


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