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Prism Hologram Label Website Pre-Launch Sale!

Well, it’s been along time coming for us, although that might not be as apparent to those who are not intrenched in the security label and hologram manufacturing industries.  The fact of the matter is that we’ve been around for quite some time.  We’ve provided manufacturing services and consultation to many big brands around the world but only until recently have decided to hit the web with a brand new website.

The idea is simple.  We’ve been able to fine-tune our hologram production services to the point where we can now offer these services to small business at much shorter runs than possible before.  In other words, obtaining custom hologram labels isn’t for big business any more.  Now just about any business, of any size, can receive the same quality and level of hologram security that previously was only afforded by large global companies.

As great as we feel about offering our custom holographic label services to all, we also realize that by doing so many perspective clients might assume that our holograms just won’t match up against other, much higher priced, manufacturers or that perhaps hologram labels aren’t as unique as they once were resulting in a lower level of security than before.  Fortunately, this simply is not the case.  Our hologram manufacturing process is different than most manufacturers.  It is more efficient, quicker and results in higher quality designs that are extremely difficult, if not impossible to duplicate.   The fact that we can provide these custom labels to more clients at reduced costs in no way devalues the effectiveness and security of our labels.  The truth is that we (and many of our clients) believe that our labels are better than labels that cost 5 or 10 times as much.

I guess there’s only one way for us to prove our worth and quality.  We’ll be offering 10% off on all orders during our website pre-launch.  We’re working hard at finalizing our website, taking pictures, adding content etc. but are ready to get started now.  So as a special incentive to our clients we are discounting all orders for the foreseeable future by 10%.  Our aim is to win your business with quality, design, security and service.

Please contact us for further information or to obtain your free custom hologram label quote.

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