Why Holograms Labels?

The answer to “Why hologram labels?” can be summed up in one word.  Counterfeiters.

Counterfeiters have been a problem for companies, brands and consumers since the early days of trade.  Companies spend a lot of effort, time and money to ensure that their products met the needs of consumers and to build trust with consumers.  Counterfeiters take advantage of this trust by manufacturing products to closely match name brands in look and style but not in quality.  As a result, counterfeiters cost manufacturers and consumers billions of dollars a year. Counterfeiters literally rob manufacturers and consumers of their hard-earned money!

Hologram labels are one of the most effective ways of stopping counterfeiters in their tracks!  Many top brands around the world now use holograms to protect their products against counterfeiting and to restore consumer trust with their products.  Since hologram labels are very difficult and in some cases impossible to duplicate, counterfeiters can no longer infiltrate markets with bogus products as easily as they once could.  In addition, hologram labels are now very affordable, allowing companies of all sizes to protect their products.  The end result saves manufacturers and consumers millions, if not billions of dollars a year.

Counterfeiting isn’t only a problem with consumer products however.  Currency, driver’s licenses, passports and other governmental and company sensitive documents are also at risk.  As a result, agencies around the world have also adopted holographic techniques to help protect their sensitive documents.

Holograms labels have incorporated several security techniques that aid in the protection of products, documents, access to restricted areas and so on.  These techniques have evolved over the years, making hologram labels stronger, more durable and more secure … despite the advancements in technologies used by counterfeiters.  A simple look through our website will show you exactly how far hologram security has come.

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