Hologram Security Features

For the most part, all hologram labels incorporate some level and form of security regardless of their intended uses. No other form of printing can match holograms in the number of security features and techniques that can be used to make labels truly unique and secure.

Prism Hologram Labels provides more choices, better quality and higher security than other hologram manufacturers due to the many cutting-edge techniques we use.  Please select an option below for more details.

On-Label Security Features

  • Invisible UV
  • Pen reactive
  • Coin reactive
  • Thermochromic
  • Flourescence
  • Holo – stripe, overlay, stamp, scratch

In-design (originating) Techniques

  • Overt Techniques
  • Covert Techniques
  • Forensic Techniques

A Quick Look At Our Holographic Security Features

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