In-Design Techniques

In-design techniques (otherwise known as originating techniques) offer a host of advanced features, stunning visuals and high levels of security.  These techniques originate from the hologram design itself and are part of the design when viewing a holographic label.

Prism Hologram Labels provides more choices, better quality and higher security than other hologram manufacturers due to the many cutting-edge techniques we use.  Please select an option below for more details.

Overt Techniques

  • True 3D
  • 3D / 2D switch effect
  • 3D depth / Floating images
  • Gradient color movement
  • Shrink / expand effect
  • Kinematic / guilloche patterns
  • Animated image
  • True color image
  • Shine effect
  • Sparkle effect

Covert Techniques

  • CLR / Animated CLR
  • Covert raster effect
  • Lens effect
  • Animated conceal image

Forensic Techniques

  • Micro-text
  • Micro-switch effect
  • Nano-text
  • Letter / Lens effect

A Quick Look At Our Holographic Security Features

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