Covert Techniques

Covert techniques are in-design hidden techniques that often require special tools to view.  These techniques add a higher level of security to hologram labels and since they are hidden, they do not effect the visible design and style of the label itself.

Please have a look at our covert in-design techniques below. For demonstration purposes, each technique is shown as part of our own sample hologram label design. Clients can request physical sample labels from us in order to see how these techniques function in the real world.

Sample Hologram Label

Normal Tamper Hologram Label

CLR / Animated CLR

Covert Laser Readable Image

Covert Laser Readable (CLR) image allows for static or animated images to be embedded into the hologram and can typically only be read with a laser beam pointed to a hologram label at an angle and the reflection appearing on a white paper. Since the CLR image is hidden and can be made quite small, counterfeiters will have a hard time finding and reproducing this security technique.

Covert Raster Effect

Covert Raster Image

Initially appearing as a simple raster effect image, hidden text can be viewed using a special reading device. Due to it’s hidden nature, counterfeiters will have trouble finding and duplicating this level of security.

Lens Effect

Lens Effect

The lens effect is typically placed in strategic areas with in the hologram design and gives the appearance of a simple circle, however upon closer examination with a magnifying glass, the circle will actually appear like a lens.

Animated Concealed Image

Animated Concealed Image

This type of effect creates an animated outlined image that can only be viewed from certain angles.

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